Retirement can be scary. Have I saved enough? Invested in the right places? Will I run out of money? Will I be able to afford the necessities? And if that doesn’t make your brain feel like it’s going to explode, then you have to deal with Medicare. The biggest stress of all. All those plans, the multitude of options, the restrictions when it comes to applying. If you get anything wrong, you might end up paying way more than you need to. You can be forgiven for wanting to cower in a corner and whimper.

But once I found Betsy I was able to navigate the labyrinth of Medicare with ease. She explained my options and helped me get everything set up. I can’t tell you what a relief it was to have an expert assisting me to make informed decisions. I sailed smoothly from working full time to being able to enjoy my life.

Thank you, Betsy. Because of you I still have some of the original color in my hair. It was galloping along toward gray before then.


If you are nearing the age to sign up for Medicare I would strongly consider hiring a broker and the only one I would recommend is Betsy Mullison. In preparing for signing up for Medicare, I did all the homework, read all the articles, and researched all that was on the web, so I thought I knew all I needed. After finding out brokers make their money from the insurance companies, I decided to contact a few. Did some phone interviews and wound up selecting Betsy. Best move I could have made. She showed me things that are not published and helped me through the entire process making my part super easy.

Betsy went out of her way to visit us in our home and got to know myself and my wife and what kind of lifestyle we wanted during retirement. She explained all the options making them easy to digest and addressed every question we had. Betsy’s Medicare experience helped me select the proper levels of insurance based on my current needs and plans for my future. I strongly encourage anyone to contact Betsy for Medicare counseling. She is one of the best.

Highlands Ranch, CO

There are many options and companies to choose from when it comes to making a decision about electing Medicare Part B, and I am writing to say how pleased we have been with the service provided by Betsy. She made the process of understanding the myriad options clear and easy, and also provided expert guidance with respect to timing during each step along the way. I had special circumstances that required me to do a special filing for Medicare Part B, and the process for doing so was smooth and simple thanks to Betsy’s help. I can’t say enough about her professionalism and expert service. You won’t be disappointed.

Parker, CO

I was being inundated by flyers, mailings, emails and text messages for Medicare and all it’s alphabetic children. It was only August! My 65th birthday wasn’t until February and I thought I could wait. But no, all this paper was screaming at me to ACT NOW! Would you please just let August be?

In a semi panic I started to look for help. I was flipping through the Senior Center newsletter and found an ad for Betsy. I figured if she was advertising in the Senior Citizen’s newsletter she had to be trustworthy, so I called her up and we met to discuss Medicare. Come to find out I was way too early. I had until January 31. I could let August be!

We discussed various plans, my health, my prescriptions, and the timetable. I was totally ignorant about Medicare and I walked away from all our meetings understanding more. Betsy, a former teacher, understands how to educate people about Medicare. She was patient, kind, and did not once wince at any repeated questions I had about Medicare.

When we met again in January, we sat down and evaluated all my options and we picked the best ones for my situation. I am confident in our choices. I know that next year she will sit down with me and we will reevaluate all the options.

If you want to work with someone who you can explain all of your options, and trust her answers, Betsy Mullison is a great choice! Enjoy your Medicare with Betsy!

Castle Rock, CO

I met with Betsy Mullison to discuss Medicare. Betsy is very informative and explained very well the steps I needed to move forward. I would highly recommend her!!!

Castle Rock, CO